Can Huawei’s autumn new product conference activate the long-flagging consumer electronics market?

The long-depressed consumer electronics market is finally showing signs of life. Yesterday (25) afternoon, Huawei autumn full scene new product conference held, the popularity beyond imagination, the offline scene kept someone Shouting “far ahead”, online conference live more than 100 million views, well-known actor Andy Lau as Huawei Mate 60 RS extraordinary master brand ambassador, but also detonated hot search!

As we all know, consumer electronics is in the downstream of the semiconductor industry, from last year to now, by the global economic downturn and geopolitical and other factors, the consumer electronics market suffered “winter”, demand continues to be depressed, which makes many semiconductor manufacturers feel troubled.

At present, 2023 has entered the traditional second half of the peak season, can the explosion of Huawei’s autumn all-scene new product conference sweep away the haze of the current consumer electronics market?

Three years later, “heavy attack”, “far ahead”

Huawei’s autumn new product conference, originally scheduled for September 15, was re-determined to be held on September 25 for various reasons. Coincidentally, this day happens to be the anniversary of Ms. Meng Wanzhou’s return to Canada after being “detained” for more than three years, so in the outside world, there may be a deep meaning behind this time, so that netizens call Huawei “heavy attack” after three years.

So how did the new product launch fare? The following is a summary of the new products:

1. Release the world’s first large-size flexible screen tablet – MatePad 13.2, and is the industry’s first large-size tablet with flexible OLED screen;

2. Released the world’s first terminal product using starflash technology – Starflash stylus Huawei M-Pencil (third generation);

3. Launched the new ultra-high-end brand ULTIMATE DESIGN, and the famous movie star Andy Lau served as Huawei brand ambassador;

4. Release ULTIMATE DESIGN’s first product, the gold smart watch;

5. Launched Huawei Smart Screen V5 Pro flagship giant screen new product, starting from 85 inches, equipped with Huawei Lingxiang remote control technology, becoming the world’s first TV product with air contact control;

6. Release a new generation of acoustic flagship product — Huawei FreeBuds Pro 3, equipped with spatial audio 2.0 technology;

7. Released Huawei smart glasses 2, made of β titanium alloy and other materials, real-time intelligent broadcasting,11 hours long battery life;

8. Release Huawei Watch GT 4 series, first scientific fat reduction and shape shaping function, support calorie consumption display, calorie intake quick record and other functions;

9. Release Huawei Routing BE3 Pro, quad-core Wi-Fi 7 technology, support dual-link aggregation networking, double speed.

10. Huawei has announced that it will release the Smart S7, its first sedan, in November.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei’s managing director and Terminal BG CEO Yu Chengdong revealed three news at the conference site: (1) Since Huawei Mate 60 series opened the pioneer plan, the market has been in short supply, and it is currently working overtime for emergency production. HarmonyOS 4 After the release of HDC this year, the number of devices upgraded has reached 60 million, and 1.2 million users are added every day. (3) The NEXT version of Hongmeng,”Hongmeng Next”, was officially unveiled, and Hongmeng native applications were also fully launched, which will be an important step for Hongmeng to achieve complete independence.

Can Huawei revive the flagging consumer electronics market?

As mentioned above, we haven’t seen such a lively new product launch in a long time. From mobile phones to a full set of smart wearable devices, from tablets to smart screens, and then to the predicted car, the product is almost unprecedented complete.

Although the new mobile phone was not released at the press conference, from the media evaluation and related publicity charts released after the return of all Kirin chips, Huawei’s impact on high-end confidence is very sufficient, and even has been exploring higher markets.

Many foreign media analysts believe that Huawei’s latest series of smart phones will make the mobile phone market more competitive.

The Wall Street Journal said on the 25th that Huawei’s new smartphone appeared to show that China could bypass the barriers put in place by the United States to prevent it from accessing cutting-edge technology. It is up to Huawei to prove that it can not only survive Washington’s crackdown, but that it is also a pioneer of technological self-reliance.

Japan’s JBPress website recently published an article saying that Huawei’s breakthrough has had an impact on the US political and scientific circles. Huawei seems to be demonstrating its “resurgence” in the smartphone market, and this is the biggest risk challenge for Apple.

So, can Huawei sweep away the gloom of the current consumer electronics market?

IDC Asia Pacific research director Guo Junli said that in the relatively sluggish period of mobile phone consumption, Huawei’s high-end mobile phone return is a landmark event in the bottoming out of the mobile phone consumer market. In the short term, it is expected to promote a wave of climax in the domestic mobile phone consumer market. At the same time, it will also make the competition in the high-end mobile phone market more intense, and the ranking between enterprises may change.


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