Inspection Process

Joint Great Inbound and Outbound Process

Joint Great IQC Test and Photo Taking Process

Carry out different QC inspection processes according to different supplier levels, and all inspection items can not be shipped until they are qualified

Ⅰ. MFD,FD,CD level test and photo taking process(take Tape&Reel packing as an example)

1. Supply  shipment documents
2. Outer packing box
3. Overall packing 
4. Single outer box
8. Label on bag
7. The seal
6. Overall  inner bag
5. Outer box label

Ⅱ. OME(LTB),OEM(Non-LTB),Forward,Trader level test and photo taking process: PS: On the basis of the above test and photo taking, open the inner packing for test and add some photo taking items.

9. Overall inner plate
10. Humidity cards and desiccants
11. Label on plate
12. Details on plate,D/C,etc.
16. Take a clear shot of marking
15. Front of the parts
14. Front of the no-load material belt
13. Side of inner
17. Check pins from the side
18. Check pins for oxidation from the bottom
19. Check for breakage from the bottom
20. Tray packing

Joint Great IQC Test Standards and Rules

Joint Great IQC Test Standards and Rules